Lois, LuLu’s, and the Lady in the Lake

Friends from Minnesota, Lois and Klea, are in the area and we met them at LuLu’s for lunch. LuLu’s is more than a restaurant, it’s a family entertainment destination, on the Intracoastal Waterway, with lots of sand, volleyball, music, an arcade, a big jungle gym for all ages, a marina, gift shop, and of course a big restaurant with really good food. It’s the off season now so not many people there for lunch today. I just know it has to be a hoppin’ place.

It was another beautiful sunny day and we all had the free time so after lunch we went for a drive to find some things we found when we were here a few years back. At that time we were looking for “The Lady in the Lake” but never found her. This time we were on a mission to find “The Lady in the Lake”.

On the way to find the lady, who lives at Barber Marina, there are several other interesting things to see.  There is a full-size fiberglass Stonehenge. Creator Mark Cline.



Right after Bamahenge are some dinosaurs, by the same Mark Cline. As with Bamahenge, there are no signs, no information or anything about them. They’re just in the woods alongside the road. There was a fourth dinosaur in the woods on the other side of the road too.

Right up next to one of the buildings at the marina is a giant spider!



And then in the gardens on the other side of the marina we found the Knights in the Woods. Statues of four knights standing guard in the trees,


Knights in the Woods

We never did find the Lady in the Lake. She is supposed to be here too. But we did find a phone number to call and we asked about her and were told that she is out for maintenance. That’s what they told us when we were here two years ago.  We’ll be back!

I found this picture on roadsideamerica.com


After saying goodbye to Lois and Klea we went home but then went back out to the Gulf State Park Pier to have a look at the sunset. A fitting end to a great day.


Gulf Shores Alabama

Link to when we were here last: Random Sculptures in the Woods

  • Gasoline: $21 @ $1.86
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