Christmas Day 2015

Merry Christmas to everyone, and to our family in the northern states of Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.  Friends Lois and Klea invited us to join them for Christmas dinner. It was a fun day.

It’s still very warm and muggy. Upper 70’s and 100% humidity again. This could be seen on our short drive from the campground to Klea’s condo on the beach on the Gulf of Mexico.


Perdido Key, FL

After dinner we all went for another walk on the beach.  The water is still rough because of the recent storms and the winds and surf have washed thousands of Portugese Man-o’-War up onto the beach. These can still sting you, causing much pain and unpleasantness, so do not touch them!


Portuguese Man-o’-War

As we walked along we saw some of the handiwork of the other people that were out on the beach today. We were surprised to see that anyone would pick up the Man-o’-War to use as decorations. There were also a few people playing in the water and trying to surf the waves. Not sure that was a good idea, but what do we Yankees know?


Sand Christmas Tree

And this cool Christmas greeting, also decorated with MOW tree decorations.


Merry Christmas 2015

And a snowman! Of course! The sand is white as snow here.



And Happy New Year everyone!

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