Move to St. Augustine

The Escapees Sumter Oaks RV park we have been in for the last 5 weeks has a SmartWeigh. Three of the several Escapees RV parks in the U.S. have weighing sites available. The SmartWeigh provides critical RV weight safety and load management information. Right now there is no obligation for us to be weighed, but we just wanted to take advantage of the opportunity since we are here. Today is our last day here and we are having this done on our way out.



The attendant placed individual scales in front of us. We both have to be inside, then he guided us forward so the front wheels were on the scales. Each tire gets a separate reading. After reading the front wheels he had us drive forward to he could weigh the rear wheels.


Line up the Scales

Also, part of the deal is to measure our height. He had a special pole for that. This is good information to verify; needed for driving under low clearance bridges. We are good, well below the weight limit for our vehicle. So this means I can go shopping, right? OK maybe not. Our tires are old enough that they should be replaced very soon. Six truck tires, that’s gonna cost a few dollars.


How High?

It took us about 3.5 hours to get to our next stop near St. Augustine. The weather was beautiful, sunny, not too hot nor too cold. Along the way we passed several large flat fields with rows of low-growing greens. Hard to identify them as we drive by at 65 mph, but looked like strawberries, collard greens, turnips, onions, various lettuce varieties, possibly cabbage, or broccoli. We also saw blueberry fields.


Mmm salad greens!

Some fields were in the process of being harvested.


Break Time!

For the next three nights we are in Ocean Grove RV Resort, near the beach on the Atlantic Ocean just south of St. Augustine. This is a nice gated resort with several seasonal campers as well as several park model rentals.


Ocean Grove RV Resort, E134

  • SmartWeigh:  $45
  • Gasoline:          $91.51 @ $1.69
  • Lodging:           $232. (3 nights)
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  1. don’t forget. . .if you are an FMCA Member (about $50 for a year) you can get a pretty substantial discount on Michelins for your rig. . .we just replaced 8. . .still ouchy though. . .AND the shop purchased our used tires for enough to cover the cost of the installation and balancing. . .good luck!

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