Cloudy on the Gulf

The weather is definitely changing. Our weather app says it’s 68F here today but with the humidity and the winds it felt cold. So, what to do? A movie sounds good, so we met Lois at the The Wharf and went to see The Revenant. After that Lois returned to her condo, but we wanted to see what was happening at the beach so we stopped at the Gulf State Park Pier before going home. The wind was keeping the flags flying strong. The US Flag was flying at half-staff in honor of Nancy Reagan. The Alabama State Flag was flying at half-staff for, I assume, long-time Gulf State Park Superintendent, Hugh S Banyon, who passed away a few days ago. The red and purple flags are high-hazard beach warning flags.


Gulf State Park Pier

It was pretty quiet at The Pier. There were a few die-hard fishermen. Other sightseers like us came for a brief look and left right away. We took a few pictures and left too. Too bad for the Spring Break kids who were looking forward to spending this week on the beach.


Looking West from The Pier


Looking East from The Pier

On our way back to the campground we stopped at the Gulf State Park swimming beach just to see it. This is on a small lake within the park, not The Gulf of Mexico.


Shall We Swim With the Alligators?


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