Gunter Hill

The casino was fun but…moving on.

Montgomery, Alabama, is just 75 miles east and we might as well explore that a bit while we’re in the area. Upon checking our online resources we chose a US Army Corps of Engineers park, Gunter HIll.  With Bernie’s Senior Pass we pay half price here. Our spot is very nice, and huge! We could get two campers in here if they would allow it.


Gunter Hill COE, #59

The campground is full. We only got in because of a cancellation. There are lots of children running around here. Then we remembered that it is spring break for all the schools too, not just the college student party people. While the college kids are at the Gulf Shore beaches, the families are here camping.

We will be here three nights, leaving on Friday morning. It will be Easter weekend and we don’t know where we will be yet.

  • Lodging:  $39  total for three nights.
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  1. We enjoyed a short stay at Gunter Hill a couple of years ago. It is so popular it seems to be booked solid every weekend. We couldn’t get a site in the new section where you are.

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