Prattville AL

The campground was booked solid for this Easter weekend and we were scheduled to leave this morning. But on a whim we asked at the office if they had any cancellations, and what do you know, we get to stay three more days. But had to move to move from #59 over to #56. Lucky us!

Gunter Hill COE AL, #56

Gunter Hill COE AL, #56

Oh what a beautiful day! In the 70’s and sunny…perfect. So, what to do.. Just a few miles north of Montgomery is the little town of Prattville that sounded interesting so that’s where we went. Out by the highway are the usual big box stores and businesses but the Prattville Historic District is down by the river. Its a perfect small town where Main Street still exists. Some interesting restaurants and shops, but not all touristy like so many historic old towns can be.


Daniel Pratt Historic District

A very nice lady at the Welcome Center / Museum had some good suggestions for places to go and see and gave us much information about the town and its history. And the museum was interesting. There was an old cotton gin in there too.


Prattville AL Museum

Prattville has several free active healthy spring water artesian wells and is know as “The Fountain City”. You can fill your water jug at any of the public wells. Bernie had a drink from the one behind the museum.


Artesian Well

The entrance to the Prattville Creek Walk begins across the street from the museum. An old canoe planter adorns the start.


Prattville Creekwalk

The locals enjoy wading in the creek which parallels the street behind Main Street.


Autauga Creek


Love Locks

At the end of the Creekwalk you can view the Autauga Creek Dam, millpond, and Daniel Pratt’s industrial buildings.


Autauga Creek Dam

Prattville is known as one of Alabama’s first “planned communities.” Daniel Pratt, an American industrialist from New Hampshire, built a cotton gin factory here in 1838 and founded Prattville for the workers. This soon became the largest producer of cotton gins in the world, and Alabama’s first major industry. He is buried in the family cemetery on a hill overlooking the town and his company.


Prattville and the Cotton Gin Factory

Another very interesting stop we made today was to Wilderness Park within the city limits of Prattville. This 26 acre area has been invaded by the bamboo of central China. It is now a designated wilderness area which requires the park be left in a natural state. A half-mile path takes you into the bamboo forest and around a swampy area.


Bamboo at Wilderness Park


Trail at Wilderness Park

  • Admission:  free
  • Lodging:   $39  (total for three additional nights, Senior Pass 50% rate)
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3 Responses to Prattville AL

  1. Lucky for you someone cancelled! I’m enjoying your posts from around Montgomery. Prattville looks like a great little town to visit. I lived in Millbrook outside of Montgomery back in the 50’s when I was in the second grade but don’t remember going to Prattville. Millbrook was out in the country when we lived there and it now is just another suburb. We camped at Gunter Hill a couple of years ago in the old section.


  2. I’ve enjoyed your posts from Alabama 🙂 My dad lives in Montgomery, born in Selma and we’ve had family reunions near Prattville! (But the Summers get ‘terribly’ humid there. 😦


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