Honey Hill

There are many opportunities to hike around here. Today, another beautiful day, we chose to visit Honey Hill in Swanzey NH. A few horses greeted us near the parking area for the trail.


Horse Greeting

Remains of an old rock wall can be seen in a few places along the trail. These are common all over New England. Years ago the settlers here cleared the land and used the rocks to mark the boundary lines of their property. So probably the woods we are hiking through may have been someones farmstead at one time.


Rock Boundary Wall



Other than a few squirrels the only wildlife we saw was a small snake on the trail.



No fancy built bridges along this trail. But occasional boards or logs got us across wet areas.


A Little Bridge

Finally, after about an hour or so we arrived at the summit of Honey Hill and were rewarded with an awesome view and a bench to sit on. The 3,166-ft. Mount Monadnock can be seen in the distance. That is a National Natural Landmark and is known for its presence in the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau.

Honey Hill tops out at around 866 feet.


Honey Hill Summit


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  1. Beautiful view from the summit.

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