Maine Trip

It’s nice being here in New Hampshire with our family, but occasionally we head out on a field trip. A few days ago we left the RV behind in the campground and took the car over to Maine to visit our friend, Peter, who lives in Old Orchard Beach.

One of our favorite places to stop along the way is at the Home Office of Stonewall Kitchens in York ME. They make specialty jams, sauces, and much more. Besides the Home Offices there is the production facility and an awesome company store & Cafe. Tulips were blooming nicely when we were there.


Stonewall Kitchen, York Maine

And then on up to Old Orchard Beach. No sunshine! It was about 88 degrees back in New Hampshire, but about 20 degrees cooler here on the ocean. Nice! But not many people out since it was a week day and the summer tourists had not yet arrived.


Old Orchard Beach on the Atlantic Ocean

Peter brought us to the beach via this colorful boardwalk. The fences were decorated with colorful lobster and crab trap parts and ropes. If only the sun were shining to bring out those bright colors.


Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Peter brought us out the most photogenic lighthouse at Portland. It is currently under renovation and the lighthouse was covered with scaffolding while it was being painted.


Portland Head Light


Portland Head Light

And on the other side of town we went to see the Bug Light.


Portland “Bug Light”

It was a good visit. After a late afternoon seafood lunch with Peter we returned to New Hampshire.

  • Distance Traveled: 300 miles round trip
  • Gas:  $28 @ $2.19 (NH)
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  1. Shirley says:

    We were there last year and saw that lighthouse – I even have a picture of it, lovely place.

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