Chesterfield Gorge

Monday, June 27, 2016  

In the southwest corner of New Hampshire about half way between Keene, (where we are) and the Vermont border is a wayside stop that we have driven by a few times without stopping. This time we thought we would go check it out.

Chesterfield Gorge State Wayside is a little state park, only 13 acres. Next to the parking lot is a small visitor center/gift shop, bathrooms, and the trail head. It is free, but there is a donation box.


Chesterfield Gorge State Wayside

A supply of walking sticks is available at the beginning. Take one, use it, and return it when you get back. The trail is only 7/10 of a mile but a little rugged.


Walking Sticks

See what I mean? Rocks and tree roots along much of the trail.


Chesterfield Gorge Trail

It was going to be a hot sunny day so we were here early in the morning while it was still cool. Plus being in the shade of the forest made for a nice hike.


Chesterfield Gorge


Chesterfield Gorge

There are a few wooded bridges along the way. It didn’t take long to complete the loop trail and soon we were on our way back to the campground.


Wooden Bridge

That was a nice start to the day. It wasn’t long before the temperature warmed up. We spent the rest of the day inside the RV with two air conditioner units running.


Ashuelot River Campground

There was a little wind, but we didn’t think it was so much. The awning on the RV came apart when a little gust of wind lifted it. We have never been impressed with the mechanics of this type of awing. A fellow camper brought over his ladder and together we got it fixed, so looks like we’re stuck with it for a while longer.


Awning Oopsie

  • Admission:  free
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