Into Canada

The last three days have been just driving and not doing much of anything else. Today was a bit more interesting. We’ve been sort of re-tracing our route that we took from Niagara Falls to Minnesota two months ago. And now we find ourselves at the US/Canada border at Port Huron Michigan. The St. Clair River runs through here and is the border line between the two countries. This is a 39 mile long river flowing from the Great Lake Huron to a smaller Lake St. Clair. From there another short river connects to the next Great Lake Erie. Don’t think I’ve ever seen water this blue before.

On the US side is a lovely little riverside park on Thomas Edison Parkway. We parked the RV in one of the parking lots and went for a walk and to enjoy the view.


The Bluewater Bridge from Thomas Edison Parkway

The Huron Lightship, retired from Coast Guard service in 1970 was presented to the city of Port Huron in 1971, and now serves as a museum ship. Since we arrived after 5:00 it was closed and we were unable to go inside.


Huron Lightship

What timing! We just happened to be here when this huge ship passed by and went under the bridge. It is the Paul R. Tregurtha, a 1,013-foot long ship. According to Wikipedia she is the largest ship operating on the Great Lakes complex and is the current Queen of the Lakes.

I thought she looked familiar so I checked back in my blog postings. Last year around this time we were in Duluth, Minnesota, at Canal Park, on the Great Lake Superior when this very same ship entered the harbor there. Coincidence.


Paul R. Tregurtha 2016


Paul R. Tregurtha 2015

After the park walk we drove over that Bluewater Bridge. This is a toll bridge. The toll for us was $9 (or $12 Canadian). RVs keep left.


The Bluewater Bridge

On the Canadian side we have to stop at the official border crossing. We were only asked a few questions by a very polite female officer. Like did we have any weapons on board? Where are we going? How long will be we in the country? Where are we from? That was about it and she checked our passports and then we were on our way.


Canada Border Crossing

A view of the Bluewater Bridge from the Canada side:


The Bluewater Bridge

Last time we were by here we stayed overnight in the parking lot of the OLG Casino Point Edward, Canada. It’s a small casino, but ample parking. We enjoyed a nice dinner on the river side with a view of the bridge.


OLG Casino Point Edward, Canada

  • Distance Traveled the last 3 days:  About 750 miles
  • Lodging:  West Lake Park Scott Co. Davenport IA,  $20
  • Lodging:  free
  • Gasoline:  $51  @ $2.15  IA
  • Gasoline:  $98 @ $2.09  IA
  • Gasoline:  $91  @ $2.09  IL
  • Gasoline:  $120 @ $2.25 MI
  • Toll: $9
  • $1 US  =  $1.29 CAN  😊
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2 Responses to Into Canada

  1. Linda Lyons says:

    Hello,. U passed by us on your way through Michigan, we are at our summer place on Houghton Lake. Interestingly, we recently met the captain of the ship that you pictured. He is the son in law of a friend of ours. We spent last weekend on Drummond Island in lake Huron, plan to take a fall trip on the east side of the lake, our friends tell us that it is quite interesting. Maybe our paths will cross this winter. We will be at our FL house and plan to visit friends in TX. Linda and Larry


    • marsbern says:

      Hi Linda! Good to hear from you. That’s really cool you met the captain! It is an impressive ship. We plan to head to Florida this winter somewhere between St. Augustine and Pensacola, then into Gulf Shores Alabama over the holidays. Thinking about Texas too! And if we’re in the mood for it maybe go all the way to Arizona. If you see us getting close to wherever you are let us know and we’ll meet up! Marsha


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