More Niagara Falls

A rainstorm rolled through last night, but nothing serious. However it is still hot and humid today. It should start cooling off soon, don’t you think?

Even though we were just at Niagara Falls recently we wanted to see it again. This time we had just the car, not the RV, so we found the parking lot down by the falls and parked there.


Niagara Falls

Good to see that it has not changed since the last time we saw it. We had lunch at the restaurant above the Visitor Center with a view of it all.


Niagara Falls

After lunch we just walked around and took more pictures and went back home. One thing that caught my eye was we walked back to the car was this Falls Incline Plaza. All the hotels, casinos, shopping, and more tourist attractions are up hill from the Falls area. If you don’t want to drive, take a bus, or walk up that way then for $2.75 Canadian you can hitch a ride up there this way.


Falls Incline Plaza

I checked the exchange rate today and it was $1.30.  You can use American dollars to buy things here, but you won’t necessarily get that exchange rate, if you get it at all. So don’t pay with American cash. There are places you can convert your US$ for a fee. But the best way to pay is with our credit card. My CC company (CapitalOne) makes the conversion with the correct exchange rate and there is no fee.

  • Parking:  $22     ($17.06 US)
  • Lunch:  $58.48  ($45.35 US)
  • Misc:     $22.48  ($17.44 US)
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