Moving day. Ugh, another hot muggy day. We left Fifty Point Conservation Area Campground by Winona, Ontario, and drove a little west and through Toronto and then east along the north shore of the Great Lake Ontario to Darlington Provincial Park near the town of Courtice, Ontario.


Toronto, Ontario

We stopped for lunch at a McDonalds. They had poutine (McPoutine?). So we had to see how that compared to the poutine we had yesterday at the Peach Festival in Winona. Really, Winona did it better. It was interesting, but I won’t be ordering it from McD’s again.



Darlington Provincial Park is nice and we have a spot very near the shore of Lake Ontario. No water or sewer hookup, but thank God we have electricity and air conditioning! Gotta get comfortable.


Darlington Provincial Park, #70

Towards evening we went for a walk along the beach. Here’s a couple of pictures.


Lake Ontario


Lake Ontario

  • Distance driven today:  90 miles
  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging for two nights:  $104 Canadian  ($81.26 US)
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