Jacques Cartier, Saratoga, & Friends

With our aversion to making reservations and with the Labor Day holiday weekend upon us we had to leave the campground we were in and find another place. No easy task. We did manage to find one about 30 miles east of where we were and also along the shore of the St. Lawrence Seaway on the American side.

The internet strength was very weak while we were there so that’s why no blog posts the last few days. So here’s how our weekend went:


Jacques Cartier State Park, NY, #17

Right behind our spot was a trail leading into the woods. Of course we went to see what it led to.


Jacques Cartier State Park, NY, #17  Trail

The trail went into the woods and along a small stream eventually leading us to a beaver dam. In the pic below, the dam is that little brown space in the grass on the right side. The pond is a result of that.


Beaver Dam


Evidence of Beaver Work

Jacques Cartier State Park is on of many state parks along the St. Lawrence Seaway. This one is popular for boating and fishing.  We saw a beautiful sunset overlooking the Seaway and looking towards Canada over there.


Sunset over the St. Lawrence Seaway

We made friends with our neighbors, Michelle and Tom, and their kids, LJ and Stoli, new to the full-time RV life. Our paths may cross again in the south this winter!

We left there early this morning making our way towards New Hampshire. Tonight we will be staying in the back lot of the Saratoga Casino and Racetrack at Saratoga Springs, New York. We stayed here in the spring and were able to watch some harness racing while we were here, but there are no races today.

Saratoga Casino and Racetrack

Saratoga Casino and Racetrack

Tomorrow we will arrive at our destination of the lovely Ashuelot River Campground at West Swanzey, about four miles south of Keene, New Hampshire, where we will stay until the weather gets too cold and we need to head south for the winter. It should be about 6 weeks or so. So there may be very few blog posts while we are there. But will resume regular posting when we head south. Stay tuned!

  • Distance Driven the last 3 days: about 230 miles
  • Gasoline:  $50 @ $2.36
  • Gasoline:  $80 @ $2.39
  • Lodging:  Jacques Cartier State Park $81
  • Lodging Saratoga: free
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2 Responses to Jacques Cartier, Saratoga, & Friends

  1. wanderingwhissel says:

    Hi Guys

    Talked to the Coast Guard today. Looks like we will be on the Gulf Coast. Had a great time with you this weekend. Thanks for all the tips.

    Wandering Whissels

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