On The Road Again!!!

Where we stayed at Bandera

 We’re back on the road again.  It has been difficult being without internet.. and without cell phone service during our time near Bandera, but in spite of that we did have a good time visiting with the relatives and seeing the Hill Country of Texas.

Just a Funny Ranch Entrance

   They were so generous to allow us to park the RV there while we drove the car back to Minnesota for the holidays.

Not far from were we were we noticed a ranch entrance sign with a sense of humor.  I just had to stop and take a picture of it.

Camp Verde…During the Civil War the government decided to see if camels would work better than horses or mules so they brought in 100 of them.  They were able to carry more weight and travel longer distances, but the program was deactivated when the government ran short of funds.  The actual Fort was destroyed by fire.


Chicken delivery vehicle


Morning Deer

It was a real treat to see deer outside our window every morning while we were staying in the country near Bandera.  The would also make another appearance late in the afternoon every day.

Axis Deer


This is a small heard of deer that live in the area.  There are white tail deer all around, but these are different.  They are Axis deer..more red in color and have spots that they keep all their life.  The Axis and the White Tail deer don’t hang out together.  I have never seen so many deer.

Stonehenge II

 Stonehenge II was a whimsical art project by a man and his neighbor in Hunt, TX.  He had this built in his pasture.  It is about 2/3 the size of the original Stonehenge in England.  It is currently being relocated to Ingram, near Kerrville, TX.

Fredericksburg German Christmas Pyramid…this was built in Fredericksburg, TX, in 1999 as a way to emphasize the German heritage of that town.  Fredericksburg is a very interesting little German community with lots of nice shops and German restaurants and lots of history. 
The Maypole at Fredericksburg, TX

Sunday House….there are several of these in Fredericksburg.  Built by German settlers who lived in distant rural areas.  Used over weekends by families while they traded or attended church.  A typical early Sunday House had one room with a lean-to kitchen and a half story above, which was reached by an outside stairway or ladder.  Building during 1890’s – 1920’s, most Sunday Houses were frame but some were rock.

Deer Feeding

Shootout at Bandera, TX.  Bandera says they are THE Cowboy Capitol of the world.  It is a small cowboy town to be sure.  It is not unusual to see horses being ridden down main street.  They do have a shootout every Saturday afternoon and we went to see one.

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