Bandera to Fort Stockton, TX

We saw this on the corner of a building on Main Street in Bandera. Cute.

Roadside stands are quite popular in this part of the country.  This was one of the bigger ones with all this dried peppers hanging.  They also had oranges, tomatos, pears and a few other things I forget.
In the residential areas near downtown Bandera it is common to see two or three deer hanging out in people’s yards.  We found this in one yard, but we probably saw 20 other deer in the neighborhood.

Drive thru shopping!! yes!  I’ve seen four of these in the last week around this area.  Drive in one end, and out the other.  You can get soda, beer, and ice and cigarettes.  We didn’t go inside, but I think it’s full of vending machines.
West Texas is not a fun drive… it goes on forever, hours of nothing.  We kinda forgot about how much gas it would take so we had to buy gas at a tiny roadside gas station for $3.29 a gallon.
Parkview RV Park in Fort Stockton, TX.  It is pretty quiet here as you can see.  But it’s cheap, and I had my internet.  We did drive around the town and the old fort but didn’t take any pictures.
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