Lost Dutchman

Goldfield, an old mining town.
Susan and Wally joined us for a field trip to The Lost Dutchman’s Mine in the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix.  Well, we didn’t actually see the mine since it is still lost, but we had a good time.  Near the base of Superstition Mountain is Goldfield, a small ghost town that was rebuilt and is now quite the tourist attraction.  We enjoyed the shops and seeing so much of the old mining town.  They do hold gunfights there on the weekends, but since this was Thursday we missed out on that.  There is a free museum there that includes information about The Lost Dutchman’s Mine and people who have come here seeking it.

Superstition Mountain

The Dutchman was not really Dutch.  He was a German. “Deutsch”.  People have been looking for his mine for over a hundred years.  There have been books and movies made about this story which involves murder and Apache Indians.

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