Goodyear, Arizona

We Meet Up Again
After a nice pancake breakfast at the Towerpoint Resort with Dad and Shirley we said our goodbyes and packed up and headed west.  We are leap frogging across the country with Susan and Wally.  We caught up with them at a RV resort in Goodyear, Arizona, home of the Goodyear Tire Company and the Goodyear Blimp, and have the site next to theirs.  We spent some time sitting in the warm sun and relaxing… then a cool breeze came in and I reached for my sweater.  Susan made an excellent dinner for us and we shared a bottle of wine before going back to our own RV.
If You Build It They Will Come — WRONG
Right behind where we are parked is a mystery building.  It is a harness racing/trotting track which opened in January 1965, but closed less than two years later. At that time, there was no I-10, or even any major roads leading from Phoenix to Goodyear to allow easy access for patrons to reach the then state-of-the-art facility.
Other than being used in the 1997 movie “No Code of Conduct” starring Martin and Charlie Sheen, the building has been idle for over 40 years. It is private property owned by the adjacent RV Park, and is not open to the public.
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