Quartzsite, Arizona

Oh boy, what a sight!  Quartzsite is a very special experience.  In the summer it is just a small town.  You will see flat desert, some roadside businesses, tumbleweeds and that’s about it.  But in the winter it goes crazy.  RVs by the thousands camp in fairly primitive desert conditions.  There are several RV parks in the town, but most of the RVs are parked in public lands for miles in all directions from the town, bringing the winter population to well over a million people.  In 1965 the Pow Wow rock, Gem & Mineral Show began the rockhound winter migration to Quartzsite each year. Most people came in RVs and so RV vendors noticed this and the show evolved into a Sports, Vacation & RV Show as well as Arts & Crafts, and a Rock & Roll classic Car show, Hobby, Craft & Gems… and flea market… you can literally shop until you drop.  It is said that if you can’t find it in Quartzsite you probably don’t need it anyway.  The shows run all thru January and February.
We were concerned it would be too crowded to find a spot, but actually we had no problem finding a place to dry camp (boondocking) along with everyone else.  There are no designated sites on the public lands, just drive around until you find a spot you want to be and set up camp…for free.  We selected our spot, unhooked the car and took a little drive around to see what was happening.  The sun was low so the pictures weren’t so great.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll get better pictures.  We sat for a while and watched one RV after another came to find a spot.

Public Lands Boondocking

I was surprised to find that we do have internet, and cell phone service, but we are unable to get any TV at all.  Of course, there are no hookups, so no electricity.  We can run the generator if we need it, and our water tank is full, and our waste tanks are empty. We’ll stay here a few days and see how it goes.  Free is good.  We have seen vendors driving around among the RVs such as RV Awning Repair, Cracked Windshield Repair, water tank trucks, and sewage disposal trucks.  There is also RV dump and water available in the town, which we would need if we stay here very long.

There are about 2000 vendors!!!
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