Clarksville, TN

That white stuff on the ground next to that holly bush is snow!  Time to head south!  Actually, we will be going south again tomorrow as there is a weather alert for the northern states that we want to run away from.  Teresa needs to head back to Indiana as there is forecast for possibly 10 inches of snow headed her way on Monday night into Wednesday.
Today we went to this park, it has a nice little riverwalk.  Teresa went for a run and we walked.
We wanted to visit the Dunbar Cave but it, and many other caves in the country, are closed because the bats that live there are getting White-nose Syndrome….a new disease that is causing the most precipitous decline of North American wildlife in the past century.  It has killed more than one million bats in less than four years and threatens to devastate bat populations across the continent.  Nearly 100 percent of bats have died at some sites.  It’s a fungus that grows on their noses.  Circumstantial evidence suggests humans may inadvertently carry this virus from infected sites to clean sites.

We couldn’t see the cave, but this area is a state natural area so we hiked around for a while.  This tree has been here a while, the roots have adapted to their environment.

Interesting tree roots here.  And this tree trunk was filled with carvings.  No, we didn’t carve our names into the tree.


Beachaven Winery.  We stopped here for a tour of the winery and some wine sampling, yummy.

Teresa found a wine she liked.  Perhaps these grapevines were the source of the grapes used in that bottle.
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