Natchez Trace

Teresa left early this morning to return to Indiana before the nasty weather arrives there.  There is a winter storm warning for freezing rain and up to 12 inches of snow.  This is bad enough that it may result in widespread downed trees and power lines… she did let us know she arrived safely just as the snow was beginning. 

As she was heading north, we high-tailed it south!  We found the Natchez Trace Parkway south of Nashville and drove that to just below the Arkansas/Mississippi border.  This is a very nice road, limited access, well groomed, clean bathrooms and picnic areas and points of interest along the way, and this time of year hardly any traffic!  We had a similar experience when traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia a few months back.

It’s been cloudy and drizzly all day.  We had hoped to drive out of it and into some nice blue sky and sunshine, but no luck.  We are spending the night at Tishomingo State Park in the northeast corner of Mississippi.

Good road, well groomed.

An old tobacco barn

Tobacco hung to dry

A nice picnic area
This is where we are camped tonight, at the Tishomingo State Park in Mississippi.
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