Natchez Misc Pictures from Today

Pretty Flowers



Pig Out Inn BBQ where we ate lunch today.


Kinda small for a duplex in my opinion.

Art House?  There was no sign of it being a shop.


Natchez Under The Hill–what remains of where the gaming halls and dens of vice where the lawless villainy gathered, as well as bustling wharves, cluttered warehouses, shops and boisterous saloons used to be in early 1900’s. “The Most Notorious Spot on the Mississippi River”

Longwood, the largest octagonal house in America.  This mansion was designed in 1859 for wealthy cotton planter Haller Nutt.  A great octagonal rotunda is open to the entire 6 stories.  When the civil war began in 1861 the craftsmen dropped their tools and fled North.  The basement level was finished as living quarters, but the rest of the inside of the mansion remains unfinished.
Floor plan of Longwood
Unfinished rotunda looking up to the top.
Inside Melrose

Gas is going up!

Barge going under the Mississippi River Bridge.
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