Return to Vicksburg

Natchez Trace Parkway again

We left Natchez and started driving up the Natchez Trace Parkway.  There was about 50 miles of it that we had not completed last month.  We won’t take it all the way north this time as it will take us too far east.

Sunken Trace
 One stop we made along the Trace was to see a portion of the original old path.
This spot was named Sunken Trace.  This is a deeply eroded section of the 250 year old trail.
We spent the night at Rock Springs campground.  This was a nice wooded park, but we were unable to get any cell phone service, which we were not happy about.
Catfish Sculpture
So we left early this morning.  We left the Natchez Trace Parkway and went west to Vicksburg again.  We liked the RV park we had stayed at last month so we returned to that. 
Vicksburg has a lot to see, so we drove around for the afternoon and looked for things we missed last month.  We found this lovely city park down by the river.  We have seen a few fish statues around the city, there was one here at the park. 
This park also included a levee wall that an artist had pained several murals.  Next to that was an area with steamboat style light fixtures. 
Folk Art Structure
We drove out to see Margaret’s Grocery.  Margaret’s husband promised her years ago, “If you marry me, I’ll turn your store into a palace.”  It was listed as an attraction in the visitor’s guide.  I think it has seen better days, as it was closed and falling apart.  Interesting anyway.

As we were driving we passed this little road side stand and stopped for a snack and a picture.

The Vine That Ate the South

Kudzu.  This climbing, coiling, trailing vine was introduced from Japan in 1876 and is now common along roadsides and other areas throughout most of the southeastern United States. Kudzu has been spreading at the rate of 150,000 acres annually
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