We have decided to stay in this area for another two days. 
This morning we went in to town for breakfast at a restaurant we had heard has high ratings, The historic Blue & White Restaurant.  We like to check out the local places when we travel.  Originally this was a Pure Oil gas station built in 1937.  Sorry, no picture.

Downtown Tunica Park

 After that we drove around the old downtown area of Tunica.  They had put a nice two-blocks long park in the center of the business area, with a military memorial and a blues marker.  those white blooming trees in the picture are pear trees.  The Mississippi Blues Trail begins on Highway 61 (The great Mississippi River Road).  The blues trail has markers honoring people and places.  We are only 28 miles from Graceland but we won’t be going to visit Elvis as we saw him last year.

One thing we have been aware of the whole time we have been in the state of Mississippi is that they are very very bad at marking street names.  So many times we don’t even know what street we are driving on and have missed turns because of the lack of signs or signs so small and poorly placed.   We just figured it was because this is a very poor state and they probably don’t have the budget for it.  But apparently they do have enough in their budget for a squirrel crossing sign.  It just struck me funny.

How high will the gas prices go??

As I said before, there are 9 casinos along the river here.  We went into another one today just to have a look around.  I did put $1 in a 1-cent machine and it vanished in 30 seconds.   Ok, maybe I didn’t give it a fair chance, so I put a $5 into a nickle machine and it vanished in about 15 seconds.  I just know the big win is just around the corner!  ya right.

After our little outing this morning we returned to the RV park just in time for the rain to begin.  It is forecast 2-3 inches and thunderstorms.  fun fun

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