We are still in Tunica, staying another few more days.  It’s nice here and we’re not ready to go to Minnesota yet.

We haven’t been doing much the last few days.  It rained some, and it’s been cold. 

The river is rising.  We returned to the Mississippi River Museum to see how much the water level has changed since a few days ago.  We could tell it was up a few feet.  The road to the museum is very close to being under water.  We could only walk a portion of the nature trail there as it was closed for being under water.  The tour boat was not giving tours today, but we watched for a while as a new driver was being trained.  He was practicing launching and docking over and over again.

After that we went to another casino and walked around inside.  I lost $1 in about 20 seconds in a 1 cent slot machine.  Maybe next time.

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