Two New Things!


Our cat, Marble, will be joining us on our travels this year.  She is an indoor cat, kinda old and arthritic, and a fraidy cat.  We took her on a trial run in the RV over Father’s Day weekend in June.  She hated the cat tote that we used to bring her outside and once she was free of that she found a place to hide in the far back corner behind the bed where she stayed quietly the whole 120 miles to our destination.   She stayed there most of the weekend, sneaking out for food and water and the litter box (thank God!!) when nobody was looking.

By the next day she was feeling more at ease and took a rest on our bed.  She seemed quite relaxed.  I’m sure she will adjust just fine for this upcoming trip.

The other new thing is that we have purchased a new motor home!! It’s newer and bigger than our present one.  We get possession of it in a few days. Exciting!!
Our maiden voyage will be to the East Coast to visit the kids.  We’re all looking forward to seeing them again.  We pick it up on Tuesday and then we will head out on Wednesday morning. We should be gone two, or maybe three weeks.I’ll be blogging along the way, of course.

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