Day 1

We had good intentions.  We had planned to leave at 7am and drive all day.  But this terribly hot and humid weather made packing more difficult than we had thought.  So we finished up and were on the road by around 9am.

Accident on Hwy 14

About an hour into the trip we came across this accident on Hwy 14 between Nicollet and Mankato.  The police had not yet arrived, so it must have just happened.  I see a motorcycle in the ditch.  There were people helping and directing traffic so we just moved on.  I hope this is not a bad omen.
Around noon we stopped in Blue Earth and said hello to Shirley and showed off the new motor home to her.  It was good to see her again, but we had to get moving.  We made another brief stop in Albert Lea to show this to Diane.  Then on the road again.
The rest of the day was uneventful, stopping only for gas (ouch).  I can’t calculate the miles per gallon yet as we also use the gas tank to fuel our generator which we have used to run the air conditioners.
We found this fella outside a BP gas station and snack shop.  I think he wanted us to stop in for meat and cheese.
Spending the night just outside of Madison, Wisconsin.
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