We Drove All Day

Another hot steamy day.  All we did was drive and sweat.  It was a challenge for the air conditioner to keep us comfortable.

Poor Marble, she was so hot too.  We stopped a few times to run the generator so we could run the house air conditioners.  The dash A/C just wasn’t enough.

Road Construction and a Big Bridge
We were slowed down by several miles of road construction in Illinois and Ohio.
We were seeing several triple-trailer trucks on the Ohio Turnpike today.  That is something we just never see in Minnesota.  Good thing too, I had to pass one that was going stupid slow and didn’t enjoy it much.
One of Many Triples We Saw Today
We’re spending the night at a Service Plaza on the Turnpike.  It’s a super duper rest area that has restaurants and gift shops as well as cheap overnight parking area with electricity for RVs like us.
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