We Made It

More driving all day yesterday, thru Pennsylvania, the very tip of New Jersey, a little of New York and into Connecticut.  It was a long hot ride.  Marble is doing fine, but she just stays on the bed the whole time.

Our campsite at Gentile’s Campground
We found a campground to spend the next two nights.  Everything near New Haven was booked for the weekend.  We are staying at Gentile’s Campground by Thomaston, CT, about 40 miles northwest from New Haven, where Teresa lives.
Teresa drove out to see us and will be spending the night.  She was happy to see us and happy to see Marble.  Marble still stays on the bed.  She did jump down to eat drink and potty but right back up onto the bed.
Christmas in July
The campground was having “Christmas in July” and a potluck dinner but we skipped that and went out for supper to a nice Spanish/Mexican restaurant called Acapulco and Madrid.  Good food. Then a bit of sight seeing.  We stopped at Black Rock Lake damn.
Black Rock Lake Dam
Black Rock Lake is part of a network of flood control dams and local protection projects built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the Naugatuck River Basin.  It was built in response to the destructive floods of 1955.  It protects the community of Thomaston, CT, and other communities down stream.  The last big flood was in 1985.  The river itself was barely visible right now so at first sight it looked like overkill with the big earthen dam.
Thomaston, CT
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