Inside the Rare Books Library
We were on our own today as Teresa had to get back to work.  So, we went back to the Yale campus and walked around on our own.  One of the most interesting things we saw was the Rare Book Library.  The security is very tight here, but I took a few pictures without flash and nobody stopped me.


John James Audubon’s Book


There are six levels of very rare books here, including a display showing John James Audubon’s Book on Birds and one of the few original, remaining Gutenberg Bibles.
Woolsley Hall
We walked thru Woolsley Hall, the student commons, stopped at a sandwich shop for lunch, and headed back to the campground. We took the scenic route back and stopped at a beach to have a look.  Then we decided to check out that Hammonasset State Park that we decided not to stay in.  It was a very nice campground, very popular.  Perhaps, if we had advance reservations we could have had a spot with electricity.  We’ll have to remember that for next time.



The Dining Hall at Woolsley


The beaches we saw were all privately owned, and posted for no trespassing.  We did stop and ask permission at one gated entrance and he was happy to let us go have a look and take some pictures.
This is the beach at Hammonasset State Park.  It had cooled off a bit and there were hardly any people out this afternoon.
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