New Haven, CT

It’s been a busy few days and I haven’t had any time to blog.  We tried to get in to Hammonasset State Park but they didn’t have any spots left that included electricity.  Our generator isn’t working correctly, and it’s been so hot, we really wanted the power for the air conditioners.  They referred us to Riverdale Farm Campsites on the other side of the freeway and we have a good spot there for the next several days with all the hookups we want.
Home Sweet Home
Teresa joined us for a while and then we went out to dinner at a U.S.S. Chowderpot, voted the best seafood restaurant in the state.  It was very good.
Then she took us to her place and showed us where she lives, close to campus.
One of Two Ice Cream Trucks


We went to the top of Black Rock Cliff to overlook the city.  The first thing we saw there were two ice cream trucks.  Then we saw the monument to Soldiers and Sailors before overlooking the cliff to the spectacular view below.  I can imagine how beautiful it will be in the fall when the trees change colors.


Monument to Soldiers and Sailors


From the top of the cliff we could look across Long Island Sound and see Long Island in the horizon.


View of New Haven, CT
View from cliff, overlooking New Haven, Long Island Sound.  Long Island is on the Horizon
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