Concord, New Hampshire

Campfire at Wompatuck State Park, Massachusetts

The last few nights were great nights for sitting around the campfire.  The rules are very strict here.  Do not bring in your own wood.  Only buy wood in the park you are going to use it in… and if there is any left over you have to leave it behind for the next camper to use.  NOT supposed to take it out of the park. The reason is to prevent spread of the Asian Longhorned Beetle and the Emerald Ash Borer.

Cummins/Onan Repair Shop

We had an 8am appointment at the Cummins repair shop to have them check out the generator that doesn’t seem to work right.  So we got up early and headed out in rush hour traffic.  It wasn’t that far away but took forever to get there.  Boston traffic is horrible, and driving a bigass motor home in it was no fun at all.  We have Teresa’s car now, so I had to follow Bernie while he drove the motor home.  After an hour of stop and go traffic and a few wrong turns we were only 4 minutes late!

We were there for two hours before they decided there is nothing wrong with the generator at all and that the problems we are having are somewhere within the wiring of the motor home.  And since there was nothing wrong with the generator they could not charge it to warranty *sigh* so it was $140.

After the wasted morning then we drove the rest of the way north to New Hampshire and had dinner with Eric and Danielle at a Friendley’s restaurant.

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