Concord, New Hampshire

Saddleback Campground

We are camped at Saddleback Campground.  It’s a nice little privately owned campground about 20 miles east of Concord.  We chose to stay here because it is a member of the Passport America network and we could stay for half price.  We are staying 3 nights.

Main Street, Concord, NH

Concord, New Hampshire, is not so big.  I think the population is around 40,000.  So not even as big as Mankato or St. Cloud in Minnesota.  But it is the state capitol.  Getting around here is a little challenging with lots of narrow and one way streets, but not half as challenging as New Haven, Connecticut, was!

Where Eric and Danielle live now

Eric and Danielle were in the process of moving from one apartment building to another one.  This yellow apartment building is where they will be living now.

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