Full Tummy

Propane Fill

It was another freezing night, but we kept warm with lots of blankets and an occasional run of our generator to power the electric heaters.  We spent the night in a Walmart Parking lot and were joined by another RV similar to ours as well as an auto transport truck who needed sleep.  Our first stop as we headed out was at a nearby propane dealer to fill our tank, so now we’re good to go.

Winter is Here

As we were leaving Massachusetts we saw many tree trimming trucks again, as well as pickup trucks with generators in the back, and all sizes of snow blowers.  The pickup in this picture has at least three generators in the back.  The power is still out in much of this part of the country.  We’re hearing reports of school closings until Monday. 

Hammonasset Beach

We managed to find a campground that was still open, although they said they will be turning off the water and officially shutting down for the season later this week.  I hope they let us stay thru the weekend as we want to visit with Teresa.  She’s busy with classes and work during the week.  A weekend visit would be nice.  We filled up our water tank just in case we have to leave, at least we will be prepared.  There’s always Walmart.  The couple in the RV next to us said they live in the Boston area, which is only a few hours away from here, and they were here because they don’t have any power in their neighborhood yet.

Remains of Boardwalk

Located on the south coast of Connecticut on Long Island Sound, is Hammonasset State Park.  It was not open for camping but we stopped and had lunch and went for a walk there before we found the other campground.  We had walked this beach back in July.  At that time there was a nice boardwalk a long distance along the beach and several nice bathhouses.  Hurricane Irene came thru here the end of August this year and took out the boardwalk and damaged the bathhouses and left a mess in the sand. 

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