Gillette Castle State Park

Frost again this morning!  But it should be warming up the rest of this week.  The office was closed when we got here yesterday so we found the caretaker and he said we could stay for a week and gave us a discounted weekly rate.  He also mentioned that they were advertising on the radio for those areas that are still without electricity that they can come here because there is electricity and gasoline around here, so he is expecting more campers will show up.  Right now this RV park is rather empty.

Gillette Castle

Not far from us is Gillette Castle.  This is a mansion that was built in 1914 by William Gillette, an eccentric actor known for playing Sherlock Holmes on stage.  It now belongs to the State of Connecticut and is a State Park.  This was closed for the season so we could not go inside, but we could walk around the grounds.

Side View of Gillette Castle

They say the inside is just as eccentric as the outside.  It was built with rock from the area and is high upon a hill overlooking the Connecticut River. The ground and the house are currently undergoing some maintenance and restoration.

View from Gillette Castle

The view from the Gillette Castle was quite spectacular, too bad I can’t get it all in the camera.  In this picture, on the river below, you can see a small ferry boat that carries your car across the river to see the Castle.

After seeing the house we went for a drive around the country.  It was a lovely drive, but the roads were narrow and windey, good thing to have the car as the RV would never make it.

Oh look!  Gillette Castle State Park Recycles!

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