Chatfield Hollow State Park

Chatfield Hollow State Park
 There is another state park near where we are staying so we decided to go have a look.  It is closed to traffic for the season but we were allowed to park and walk in.  There are a lot of hiking trails and we hiked over the river and thru the woods.
This is not a big park but it was lovely.  After hiking the woods for a while we found the “swampwalk”…. a boardwalk that weaves in and around a swampy wooded area.  Nothing exciting to look at other than swampy brush and water but it was kinda neat anyway.
Later, we met up with our daughter, Teresa, when she got off work and we went to a coffee shop and visited for a short while before she had to go on to a planned event.  We’ll see her again tomorrow and the weekend. 

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