Bishop’s Orchards Farm Market

Today was windy and cool, yet sunny and nice.  We’re just exploring the community and seeing what there is to see around here.  Bishop’s Orchards Farm Market was a pleasant surprise. 
It has the standard apple orchard fare as well as being a great fresh produce and grocery store.  I saw many interesting things here that I don’t see in the regular grocery stores.  Lots of prepared foods, home made soups, sandwiches, salads, and the like. 

River Dale Farm Campsites

When we got back to the RV park we walked around it.  We are almost alone here.  All those RV’s you see in the picture are empty, closed up and winterized. 

Then, when Teresa got off work we went in to New Haven to have dinner with her and hang out for a bit.  She decided to return to the RV park with us and spend the night.  We’ll find things to do tomorrow.


Marble made a rare appearance in the living room and and napped on the couch for a bit today.

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