New Jersey 2


I-Pass or E-Zpass

One of the best things we did before we left for this trip was to sign up for I-Pass, which is also good for E-ZPass.  We knew we would be driving toll roads and this would save us some trouble.  Boy were we right.  Life is so much easier with an I-Pass/E-ZPass transponder.  We can just go right thru the toll booths without even stopping.  Some of the newer roads have special lanes where we don’t even have to slow down or squeeze between pillars, there is just an overhead scanner that gets us when we drive under at full speed.  slick.  No more having to dig for cash. 
No Self Service
What a difference a state makes.  We were seeing prices up to $3.79 per gallon in Connecticut.  Was it because of Snow Storm Alfred?  (yes, they named it)  Who knows.  We found gas in New Jersey for $1.30 a gallon.  I’m not sure what the capacity of our tank is but we put in 60 gallons on this fill.
New Jersey has a state law that you cannot pump your own gas.  You can be fined up to $3,000 for doing so.  So we didn’t even try.  The next question was… tip or no tip?  While the attendant was filling the tank I Googled it and learned that tipping is not usual unless the attendant goes above and beyond, like washing windows, checking oil and tires or if the weather is really sucky.
More Beautiful Scenery
 Miles and miles of pretty trees.

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