Home Sweet Home

We are now in Maryland at Elk Neck State Park which is on the north end of the Chesapeake Bay.  What a lovely place.  It’s cold and windy right now and I just heard some thunder.  My internet service is very very slow, probably due to the remote location as well as the cloudy sky.  I hope I can get this blog published tonight.


We drove around the park roads for a while this afternoon.  It’s very beautiful.  There are loads of deer here.  We saw about 15 deer as we were driving.

There is a trail leading to a lighthouse that we want to walk.  It’s hunting season now and that area is open to hunting.  We knew there were several hunters in the area so we chose not to walk out there today.  There is no hunting on Sunday so, we’ll plan for then.

We paid for four nights here.

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