Maryland 2

Covered Bridge and Hedge Apples

It rained last night, but was really no big deal.  Today we drove out of the park and around the northeast corner of Maryland.  We found this covered  bridge and stopped for pictures.  On the ground around the bridge were Hedge-Apples.  You may have seen these in grocery stores, do not eat, they are supposed to repel spiders and other insects.  There was a tree nearby that they had fallen off.  I wasn’t sure what they were so I spent some time Googling.  They grow on an Osage Orange tree. There were several of them in that area.

New Spot

We had not made advance reservations before we got to this campground and it was already booked up for the weekend.  So, they allowed us to park in a loop that had already been closed for the season.  They gave us a premium spot (long and level).  We have electricity but no water here, but that’s ok because we filled up our tank before we moved, so we’re good for a few days.  They did give us a price break.

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