US Capitol Visit

When Union Station was built in 1907 it was the largest train station in the world.  Now I think it’s the 3rd Largest.  We thought we would take the train to Union Station in DC for the day.  Somehow we got on the wrong road, missed the exit, and then decided to just drive in.  I don’t recommend doing that.  DC is a nightmare to drive around in.  Anyway, we did manage to find a free parking spot and then took the Old Town Trolley to Union Station to see it.  They are doing some repairs, so there was scaffolding and netting about. 
Union Station
Next we went to the Capitol for a tour.  Just as we arrived at the Capitol steps the cops pulled over a car and gave the driver a sobriety test while we watched, hahaha.   
Walk The Line Mister
Capitol tours are free and this time of the year there is no waiting; no lines.

Inside the Capitol Rotunda under the dome.
Looking up into the Capitol dome.
Former Supreme Court Chamber 1810-1860
In order to view the Senate and the House of Representatives (currently in session) we would have had to have gone to the office of our Senator or Representative to get tickets.  We did not do that.  We did stop for a piece of carrot cake in the Capitol cafeteria.
The US Capitol Christmas tree was just brought in a few days ago and crews were just putting it up today.  It looks wayyyyy better than the sad looking National Christmas Tree in front of the White House.

US Capitol Christmas Tree

We stopped at the Capitol Gift Shop and purchased this as our souvenir:
2011 Capitol Christmas Ornament
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