Moving On

There is so much to see and do in the Washington DC area, we could have stayed two weeks longer and gone through all the wonderful Smithsonian museums and saw more monuments and memorials.   However, it’s freezing overnights now and we really want to go further south where it should be warmer.  What we did see was wonderful, but now we’ll have to save the museums for next year or another time.

Off we go, heading down I-95 to Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Not wanting to pay for sleeping we pulled into a Walmart parking lot.  We always ask permission, and they said it was no problem.  One other RV pulled in and parked behind us during the night.
Just across the Virginia border there is a very nice welcome center with this LOVE sign in the yard.  Virginia is for Lovers is the tourism and travel slogan of Virginia.
At Virginia Welcome Center
After checking our Passport America directory for a member RV park we found one near Williamsburg that was open and provided the half price discount over the weekend.  I got a kick out of the speed limit signs they have posted.
3.2 ???
Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown, called the “Historic Triangle”, is where America began and survived.  We purchased a multi-day pass to these now tourist attractions and will see what we can in the next few days.  Last year we did visit Jamestown and Yorktown.  I’m not sure yet whether we will see them this trip or not.
Governor’s Palace
It was kinda late in the day when we got there, but we did have time to tour the historic Governor’s Palace in the Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area.  Back tomorrow.
When we got back to our RV we realized we may be in for a bumpy night.  There is a noisy busy road right behind us and a train track not far in front of us.  Hmm, seems like there is a train passing by every 30 minutes and shakes the motor home when it does.
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