The Quartzsite Shoppers Prayer

The Quartzsite Shoppers Prayer
by Elton Mellum 2012
Now I lay me down to sleep
Help me decide what to keep
Should it be the box of rocks
Or the brand new Tennessee socks
My partner says I have enough
But then keeps buying more and more stuff
My RV is running out of space
Help me Lord the truth to face
But certainly Lord it can’t hurt
To buy another cheap “T” Shirt
The auction sale is just divine
For another bid it can be mine
And the craft sale is full of things
How can it hurt to buy Quartz earrings
Lord, how can I get to sleep
With all the things I want to keep
The moon is full the stars are bright
It’s another Quartzsite night
But I must get going by dawn
Or all the good stuff might be gone
Some would say this is just greed
But Lord, I believe it’s what I need
And should it all end before I wake
Help me to decide what to take
For I suppose everything will be here
When I return again next year
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