Palm Canyon

Enough of Quartzsite for this year.  We left this morning and headed down Hwy 95 to Yuma.  I was amazed at how many RVs we were seeing around Quartzsite.  They were parked in the desert for at least five miles on both sides of the road.  Some are in Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA), and will probably be there thru March.  The LTVA is not free, but only $180 for the season, Sept. 15 – April 15.  But many of them are short term, free, like we were.
Desert Campers

Somewhere between Quartzsite and Yuma is a side trip to Palm Canyon.  We parked the RV in the desert and took the car down the gravel road to the mountains.  This is where we should find perhaps the only native palm trees in Arizona.  Somehow I was expecting to find a hidden oasis of palm trees, maybe a pond or waterfall, perhaps a tiki bar with those little drinks with the umbrellas in them.  Boy was I wrong.  We hiked into the canyon, they said it was only 1/2 mile hike, but I think they lied.  And it was steep and rugged.

Finally, well into the canyon, we saw a small sign on a slightly elevated area, that said “Palms” and an arrow pointing to the cliffs.  We looked up and after a few minutes of squinting finally saw a few small palm trees up high in the narrow crevices of the cliff side.  We looked around and saw more palm trees we had not noticed before.  Interesting, but a bit of a let down after that hike.

Palm Canyon

View From Palm Canyon

On to Yuma, the Winter Vegetable Capital of the World.  We saw lots of fields of lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, and who knows what else.

Different varieties of lettuce and ??

Looks like Broccoli

 We stopped at a roadside vendor.

Roadside Produce Vendor

We found another free BLM camping area north of Yuma on 95 behind the VFW.  We like free.  There are no facilities here but we still have water, gas, propane, and our waste tanks are not full yet so we can do one or two more days without that maintenance if we are conservative.  Plus we have TV and Internet, so we’re good.

BLM free area

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