San Diego, California

Marble Just Hanging Out
The wind let up over night so we left the Walmart parking lot this morning and continued on west.  If it wasn’t for the beautiful mountain views the desert would be horrible to cross.

Desert Mountains
When we got to the mountains we saw they were very harsh.  I can’t imagine what crossing this area was like 100 years ago.  These mountains were so rocky.  In the summer it can get to 120 degrees.  There are “Radiator Water” Cement Barrels every tenth of a mile on the way up the mountain.

Radiator Water Cement Barrel

US Border Patrol Checkpoint
  Finally, we made it to the Pacific Ocean!  We are staying at Silver Strand State Beach in San Diego.  Not ON the beach, but on the paved area that is on the beach.
Pacific Ocean
  We went for a walk on the beach as the sun was going down.  There were people digging for giant clams, they let me take their picture.
People Clamming
There are not a lot of people here, it’s the off season. 
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