Trolley Tour

Cloudy and gloomy this morning.  We walked on the beach for a while anyway and then decided to go explore San Diego.
The Pacific Ocean This Morning
 We have taken Old Town Trolley Tours in other cities we have been in and were happy to see that they have it here too.  Since it was a drizzly cloudy day we thought we would let them drive us around and we’d keep dry.
The trolley soon filled up to capacity.  We learned that there are two cruise ships docked here today and the (foreign) tourists are using the trolleys.  I think we were the only English speakers there!  Everyone else spoke German, Italian, or French.  They obviously didn’t understand the driver’s narration, didn’t answer any of his questions, and did not laugh at any of the jokes, but that didn’t stop them from seeing the sights.
Soon into the tour it began to rain harder.  Usually we get off to explore and hop on the next trolley to complete the tour, but not today.  We were able to complete the tour but they had stopped selling tickets due to the rain.  Visibility was poor and I did not take any pictures.
Old Town Trolley Tour
The rain had stopped when we got off the trolley (of course).  Near by is the Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, so we walked around that for a while.  The buildings have been restored and reconstructed and are now museums, shops and restaurants that capture the essence of Old Town between 1821 and 1872.  Very few people were visiting there today, most likely because of the weather.
Old Town

Old Town

Old Town
San Diego is a beautiful city!  It’s such a pleasant change from the desert scenery we have been seeing the last month.
San Diego
 The weather was the top story on the news reports today.  It doesn’t rain very often so when it does, it’s a big deal.  The trolley tour driver said that the boulevard trees in the downtown area suck up so much water that they have begun replacing them with plastic trees!  Really, you would never know unless you examine one closely, they are very good.
On our way back to the RV we decided to go visit the Old Point Loma Lighthouse high up on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean on one side and San Diego on the other.  It was built in 1854 and shut down in 1891.  Turns out the fog and low clouds often obscured the light.  A new light station was built at the bottom of the hill.
Old Point Loma Lighthouse
The San Diego Skyline is in there!  It really is!
 Bernie and I got texts on our phones welcoming us to Mexico!!!  Wha???  I certainly hope I’m not paying international rates.  I’ll have to look into this.

Welcome to Mexico??
Oh, and remember, we are in Pacific time zone now, so if my daily blog is late it’s because we’re two hours later than Minnesota time!
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