Lake Elsinore, CA

One more walk along the beach this morning before deciding what to do and where to go today.  While we do like it right where we are it is a little more expensive than we want to pay as well as no hookups.  
The Surfers are Out There
 My project for this morning was to put the State Stickers on the RV.  I finally decided the best location would be just under the passenger side window. I’ll add a sticker for every state we visit with the RV.
State Stickers
 The fence behind us has apparently been here a long time.  The trees and shrubs have grown into it.  Looks like this one was trimmed away.  Mildly amusing.

We finally decided to leave, and found a Passport America member park about an hour north of us.  We can stay here for $15 per night with all the hookups we need, as well as Cable TV and free Wi-Fi.  The view isn’t so great, but for the price it will do for now.  We can stay here for 5 nights at this price, but so far we only committed to two nights.
Lake Park RV Resort
Lake Elsinore, California
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