Orange Empire Railway Museum

We walked around the RV park this morning.  It’s on a small lake, and this is the view.
Lake Park RV Resort
Lawn Mowing in January, cool.
We went exploring today to see what is in the area.  We found these apple boulders someone had painted along the side of the road.
Apple Rocks
We found a train museum called the Orange Empire Railway Museum.  We didn’t really expect much when we drove up to it as the parking lot was empty except for two other cars.  There were two ladies in the gift shop and one man out in the yard.  Free admission, so we went in anyway.
What a pleasant surprise.  This place is on 90+ acres and really was interesting.  The man in the yard gave us and another couple a personalized tour of the place.  Turns out this is the largest railway museum in the western United States.  
The museum houses I think at least 30 old trolley cars in various stages of restoration, as well has several train engines and train cars of all types.  The tour was very informative and we were glad we stopped.  They do have some big events throughout the year, one of which is a Thomas the Train Engine event which is a really big deal with the little kids.  And on weekends they start up a few of the engines and you can ride, but not today (Monday).
For more information they have an extensive website [click here] that gives information about their inventory.

Old Old Steam Shovel
One of the buildings housing trolley cars
Pullman Sleeper Car Inside
Executive Car
Narrow Gauge Steam Engine
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