To the south of us is the town of Temecula, we decided to go visit it today.  Temecula Valley is Southern California’s wine country.  But we did not visit any wineries.  There are just too many and we’ve seen wineries before.  They do have a very nice Old Town that we chose to see instead.

Our first stop was at the Visitor Center which is located in the civic center just a block off Old Town.  We enjoyed the fountain out front which is designed after the local Indians’ grass woven basket.

Civic Center / Visitor Center
Inside the visitor center in the less-than-one-year-old building is a lit glass ceiling picture from the hot-air balloon festival they have here in the summer. 
Ceiling pic in Visitor Center

 Beautiful Old Town has lots of nice restaurants, antique shops, and specialty shops and we had fun looking in them.  Our favorites were The Old Town Rootbeer Company, Old Town Spice Merchant, Old Town Sweet Shop, Old Town Olive Oil Company, and more! (yes, I know, it’s all food!)  We had lunch at the Swing Inn Cafe.  Bernie particularly liked this rocking chair made from a wine barrel.  Too bad it was over $500, or we might have bought it.

Wine Barrel Rocker

Old Town Temecula, California

We have decided to stay in our present RV location until Friday.

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