Return to Mt. Rubidoux Memorial Park

We enjoyed our walk on Mt. Rubidoux yesterday so much that we did it again this morning.  Yesterday we went around clockwise so today we went the other way to get a different view.  We did find a few things we missed.
Mt. Rubidoux Memorial Park
Awesome views on all sides.
We missed this plaque of Charles M. Loring yesterday.  This is the same Charles M. Loring that is largely credited with being the father of the Minneapolis park system.  He did live in Minneapolis, but would spend his winters in Riverside, California, where he was just as involved in community affairs as he was in Minnesota.
In honor of
Charles M. Loring
Tree Lover
Civic Enthusiast
Let dead names be eternalized by dead stones
Let living names by living shafts be known:
Plant thou a tree whose griefless leaves shall sing
Thy deed and thee, each fresh unfolding spring
Mt. Rubidoux
Atop this hill the outdoor Easter sunrise
service tradition began in 1909.  The founder
of Riverside viewed arid land soon to
become green.  It is named for Louis Rubidoux,
who raised cattle ande colonized around
it under Mexican and U.S. flags.  Upon it are
many shrines and monuments such as the
Peace Tower dedicated to Frank A. Miller
View from the cross. 
Our Passport America discount has ended here, so we moved our tightwad selves about 30 miles eastward to Morongo Casino in Cabazon, California.  They have a large parking lot behind the casino just for RV’s and we can stay here for free.  
We went into the casino and signed up for their “Winners Club” and got $10 each in slot play and a $10 each coupon for the buffet.  This is one of the larger casinos we have been in this winter.  Turns out we have to spend money to get the $10 slot play.   After spending $46 and not seeing any sign of the “free money” we said forget that.  I hope we have better luck with the buffet coupons.
I guess our free parking spot isn’t so free after all.
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