Dinosaurs and Outlets

Up early this morning and out to explore the area.  Near here are some really big dinosaurs.  These have been around several years and have been in Coke commercials, rock videos, and in the film Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.  There is a small museum in the bottom of the biggest one and you can climb steps up the inside and peer out little windows at the top.  It was closed when we got there, not sure if it’s because we were too early or some other reason.
Cabazon Dinosaurs
 The day started out sunny and cold and now we see the clouds are rolling in.  And with the clouds came the wind, it’s blowing us away.
Clouds rolling in behind the casino/resort.
Across the road from the casino is the Desert Hills Premium Outlets.  It has 130 stores and plans for 65 more to be added next year.  People come by the bus loads from LA to shop here.  It was still early morning when we got there so not many people around yet, but the buses were just beginning to arrive. We looked around and didn’t buy anything.
Desert Hills Premium Outlets
On the way back to the casino we had to stop at Hadley Fruit Orchards, a tourist attraction
along the freeway.  Inside we found the usual dried fruits and nuts, jellies, jams, candy, and pickled things you usually find in these kinds of places.  We left with a bit of sticker shock as we felt the prices were terribly high, and bought nothing.  But that didn’t stop the other people, who apparently have more money than we do and were filling up their carts and baskets.
Hadley Fruit Orchards
 All morning we haven’t spent any money, except for one cup of coffee at McDonald’s for Bernie.  We returned to the RV, freshened up, and waited for the casino free shuttle to come pick us up.  We still had our two $10 coupons for the buffet so for $2 each we ate there for lunch.  The restaurant was beautifully decorated and they had a huge assortment of food. However, I thought most of it was cold and bland.  Even the deserts were beautiful to look at but nothing to brag about.
Then we walked a couple laps around the slot machines and went outside to look at the pool area.  There wasn’t anyone there, probably because of the cold and the wind.
Back to the RV to hang out, watch TV and blog this.  It’s too cold and windy to do anything else.  Last night there must have been about 20 other RVs in the lot with us.  Many have left and more arrive.  There are some buses parked here with us too.  The casino has a few shuttle vans that cruise the different parking lots to bring people in and out and they have loads of security people cruising the lots as well.
The parking lot and mountains in the background.
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